Local Roofing services on wirral flat roofing and slating repairs

Slipped roof tile repair wirral Wallasey

Slipped roof tile repair Wirral Wallasey.  With the recent bad weather we have witnessed lots or roofs with slipped or broken roofing tiles. High winds and dense rain has caused the increase in demand for our services as professional roofers.  when a roofing tile slides down a roof it can dislodge other tiles on the way down damaging them. Most roofs with slipped tiles can be easily repaired by simply puuting the tiles back into position and re affixing them with new nails.  The other cause of tiles moving is that the roofing batons are decaying and the nails holding the slates become loose. . Call us now for all slipped roofing tile repairs 07985 791 080

Recommended roofing contractor wirral Wallasey

Recommended roofing contractor wirral,   We have been approached recently,  by a local property developer to quote on any new  replacement roofs and roof repairs .  The owner of the property company wanted a Wirral based roofing contractor employing skilled roofers  to under go repairs to his property portfolio, the repairs would be on all manner of roofs both flat and tiled.  Our company had been recommended to him by one of our previous customers.  We were able to gaurantee our work and provide  the addresses of  jobs we had undertaken,  so he could view our work.  As quality roofers it is important for our business that we gain work through recommendation, meaning every roofing repair or re-roof needs to be finished to the highest standards. We are confident that once we have worked on your home or property, you will be more than willing to recommend our roofing company Call us now 07774 200 947    

Price for new roof Wirral roofing company

Price for new roof Wirral roofing company. My roof started leaking a while ago, therefore I asked a local roofing company to fix my roof. The local company came round in an instant and begun working on fixing the problem within a few days. Overall, the job was done to a high standard and at a reasonable price. I am very pleased with the job in which the local Wirral roofing company completed because after they had completed the job they cleared up instantly and left no mess, in which made the job better. When my neighbor needed a new roof I recommended the local Wirral company to her and she too said that it was a excellent choice too. Call your local Wirral roofing company now 07985 791 080

Local Roofing services on wirral flat roofing and slating repairs

Local Roofing services on wirral flat roofing and slating repairs.  All our services are gauranteed being local we can arrive quickly and repair all types of roofs. Part of our service include the repair of lead flashing around chimney stacks, pointing brick work. and any general roofing including flat roofing. Call us now 07985 791 080