roof ridge tile repairs. The roof ridge tiles are located normally on the top of the roof often the tiles become loose because of adverse weather conditions. The mortar breaks down over the years and the roofing tiles become loose and unsafe.  replacing the roofing ridge tiles is a simple job for a experienced roofer. They can be replaced or re fitted using fresh cement, it is even posssible to colour code the mortar to match existing brick work and pointing.  The alternative is a modern dry verge system this new system of attaching the ridge tiles is used on virtually all new roofs .  The dry ridge system is simple it uses no mortar to fix the tile, the tile is screwed too the woodwork below.  Once the tile has been fitted it is totally maintance free. Call us now loose roof ridge tiles can be dangerous if they fall from your roof.  Ridge tiles sliding down your roof when they become loose can also damage the rest of your roof causing more expense. 07985 791 080