Birkenhead Roofing

Birkenhead Roofing , We recently supplied and fitted a whole new roof on a property in Birkenhead. The poperty had small tiles on the roof, to reduce the cost we supplied new modern roofing tiles and fitted them in accordance with the manufactures guide lines , once the new roof was completed it was clear the new roof enhanced the look of the property and increased the value of the building. For all roofing requirements in the Birkenhead area contact us now 0151 645 5555  / 07985 791 089  

Re roof cost Wirral

Re roof  Wirral . Need a re roof look know further our team of skilled time served roofs can undertake all roof replacements at extremely competitive prices , all our work is totally guaranteed.  We will give a written quotation for all replacement roof work, we will also offer the opportunity to visit jobs we have recently completed so you can see the quality of our work . Call now for all re roof and replacement roof requirements 0151 645 5555    07985 791 080

Roofer on Wirral Wallasey

Roofer on Wirral Wallasey,   Wirral,  Wallasey we cover all areas of the peninsular offering all roofing services , all out roofing work is guaranteed, we offer emergency roofing during all weather conditions.   A roof that is repaired correctly will last many years giving the whole of the roof an extended life . Call now for all roofing applications 0151 645 5555 /  07985 791 080

Roofers On Wirral Wallasey Bebington

Roofers On Wirral Wallasey bebington ,  We have worked in all parts of the wirral and have successfully gained the confidence of lots of property owners through out the Wirral , we recently completed repairs to a property in Bebington on the Wirral the job was needed because the roof had major damage due to adverse wind conditions during a recent storm. Call Us now we are your local roofers on the Wirral 0151 645 5555  /   07985 791 080 l

Bebington area No1 roofing company Wirral

Bebington No1 roofing company Wirral,   Call your local Bebington area roofing company for a fast efficient service we are always willing to help.  The roofs on homes  around the bebington area are mainly built using small tiles , over the years we have gained a reputation around bebington and the rest of Wirral as a reliable company . We have also built lots of friend ships with old customers thus helping us to gain work via recommendation. Call Now 0151 645 5555 / 07985 791 080

Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey

Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey,  Often the price of a re-roof is a lot cheaper than most home owners  expect,  We regularly arrive to look at jobs were customer are asking for a price to repair a failed or leaking roof, during these visits we will most often be able to complete a simple repair at low cost, however we will always advise client as to the state of there roof and will give a price for a new roof . Once most people knowing there roof has limited life left in it and they have gotten a reasonable quote listing the work to be done then client usually decide to save time and money and opt for a re-roof price   Call now 0151 645 5555 / 07985 791 080

Felt roof repair wirral

Felt roof repair wirral,  felt roofing is used mainly on flat roofs and often needs replacing due to leaks caused by weather conditions . When we replace a flat roof we firstly make sure the pitch or angle  of the roof has been set correctly, this is very important as often one of the causes of leaks is due to the fact that any rain water remains on the roof and does not run off quickly, especially in winter conditions when it is cold and ice forms on the roof. A correctly installed flat roof can last many years once affixed by our time served roofers , however most flat roofs can be repaired quickly and easily by removing loose felt and replacing it with new materials , Because of its properties flat roofing repairs can be done easily by simple patching of the roofing felt giving a permanent repair. Call Now 0151 645 5555  or 07985 791 080

Emergency Roof Repairs Wirral

Emergency Roof Repairs Wirral,  During the winter months because of extreme weather conditions , wind driving rain, snow and ice, roofs often fail and leak allowing rain water in to damage properties.  Over winter period we expect to be very busy attending to customers properties and homes repairing emergency roofing damage.  Even thou we might attend due to an emergency we still always aim to provide a permanent solution to the repair.  On very rare occasions we may need to do a temporary emergency roof repair then as soon as the weather permits we will complete a full overhaul of the roof . Emergency roofing repairs can be dangerous during bad weather therefore the as expected we only use experienced roofers in ths situation . Call us now for all Emergecy roofing repairs on Wirral 0151 645 5555  / 07985 791 080

Rubber roofing Wirral Firestone roofing

Rubber roofing Wirral Firestone roofing,  Rubber roofing materials we supply and provide all types of roofing materials for flat roofing. These days lots and lots of customers prefer the qualities and looks of rubber roofing products . All our roofers are highly trained in using rubber roofing materials . We are proud of the quality of our work a rubber roof will last many years if  applied correctly . Call us now 0151 645 5555  / 07985 791 080

Birkenhead Roofing Wirral

Birkenhead Roofing Wirral,  Operating throughout wirral and Birkenhead area, we pride ourselves on Quality workmanship we guarantee all our work. Birkenhead has a wide range of different roof types are experienced staff are more than capable of repairing all roofing applications . We recently visited a property , the owner was intending having a new roof fitted , we advised the elderly gentlman  that a new roof was not needed as the roof was oin good condition . We undertook repairs to the roof replaced a few roofing spars  sliped tiles and generally overhauled the roof saving the customer thousands of pounds . Call  us now for a free quote 0151 645 5555  / 07985 791 080