Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey

Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey,  Often the price of a re-roof is a lot cheaper than most home owners  expect,  We regularly arrive to look at jobs were customer are asking for a price to repair a failed or leaking roof, during these visits we will most often be able to complete a simple repair at low cost, however we will always advise client as to the state of there roof and will give a price for a new roof . Once most people knowing there roof has limited life left in it and they have gotten a reasonable quote listing the work to be done then client usually decide to save time and money and opt for a re-roof price   Call now 0151 645 5555 / 07985 791 080

Recommended roofing company and roofers Wirral Wallasey

Recommended roofing company and roofers Wirral. The majority of our work is done through recommendation, over the years we have built up a reputaion as one of the most reliable and successful roofing compamies on the Wirral .  Our existing customers are always willing to recommend our roofing services and vouch for our expertise in roofing.  We have operated throughout Wirral for many years and have tackled all types of roofing repairs and re roof applications, including flat roofing slating and tiling.  Often whilst working on a roofing job our roofers will be approached by local neighbours that are impressed with our work  living in properties locally.  The neighbours then ask for our help with there own roofing problems. Recommendations are the key to our success therefor we always aim to achieve total satisfaction for our clients on all roofing work. We are proud of the fact our roofers are praised for there customer service and pleasant manner.   Call now 07985 791 080

Local Roofing services on wirral flat roofing and slating repairs

Local Roofing services on wirral flat roofing and slating repairs.  All our services are gauranteed being local we can arrive quickly and repair all types of roofs. Part of our service include the repair of lead flashing around chimney stacks, pointing brick work. and any general roofing including flat roofing. Call us now 07985 791 080

Chimney Stack Repair and roofing repairs wirral

Chimney Stack Repair and roofing repairs wirral. Often chimney stacks can be in need of repair sometimes even unsafe. As Wirrals premier roofing company we can carry out all repairs on chimney stacks.  Chimney stacks are unused some times because of modern heating so people as want them to be removed , we regularly remove and take down unsafe chimney stacks. all work si gauranteed. Call now 07985 791  080      

Roof repairs and roofing repairs Wirral

Roof repairs and roofing repairs Wirral.  For all types of roof repairs call us Flat roofing, slating, tiling.  All applications domestic houses, bungalows flats.  Commercial roofing factories shops. For all your roofing needs we can help witha proffessional service time severved tradesman. All our work is guaranteed. Call us now 07985 791 080

New slate roof wirral. Slate roof repairs and replacement

New slate roof wirral. Slate roof repairs and replacement, We can replace old or broken slate tiles. or completely replace end renew your whole roof in new slate or modern tiles. for any repairs to slate roofs or for all types of roofing repairs on Wirral. Call us now  07985 791 080

Guttering and fascia repairs Wirral

Guttering and fascia repairs Wirral.   One of our recent jobs was to look at a leaking roof and overflowing gutter , upon arrival it was obvious the hole of the problem was simply caused by a broken gutter around a second story bay window , the gutter was leaking badly due to broken brackets.   Once it began to rain the water poured over the side of the gutter and overflowed into the property above the bay window. Once we had totally established the problem it was decided by the customer to also replace the facsia board holding the guttering whilst we were attending the problem .   We often get calls from worried home owners thinking they have leaking roofs , when all the time it is just a simple guttering repair. Unfortunatly lots of customers allow guttering to leak and over flow for long periods causing worsening damage. Call us now for guttering and fascia repairs on Wirral or for full guttering and facsia replacements 07985 791 080        

Garage flat roof repairs Wirral garage roof replaced Wirral new Garage roof

Garage flat roof repairs, garage roof replaced Wirral, new Garage roof.  We recently replaced a old and leaking Garage roof on on a local Wirral garage .  The owner  of the garage an  elderly gentleman Was distressed that all his belongings were being damage by the leak , water was pouring onto his belongings every time it rained. The leak had been caused be the recent bad weatherincluding ice  . Once ice gets into any small crack on a flat roof it expands and causes damage.  We completely stripped the garage flat roof off  and replaced it within days, It was important to ensure the roof was made water tight quickly so as nit to damage property within the garage .  We made sure there was the correct pitch on the roof  so any rain water would run off quickly. Another part of our job on all Garage flat roof repairs and relplaced roofs is making sure there is no cracksor  anywhere  for water to gather.  at the end of the job  all the rubbish was removed using skips. Our customer commented on our workmanship and the manner and politeness of our roofers,   Call now 07985 791 080