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Garage roof repairs Wirral, Felt garage roofs break down and deteriorate due to weather conditions, the life of a flat roof can be greatly increased providing the correct materials are used and applied properly. Once a flat roof begins to leak it is important it is fixed quickly so that any supporting timbers are not damaged due to damp and wetting of timbers. Most of the time the woodwork can be saved providing the leak is fixed quickly Call now 07985 791 080

Wirral roofing contractor

Wirral roofing contractor, We operate in all areas  throughout Wirral , Wallasey .  Providing commitment an exceptional service based on years of experience in flat roofing , pitched roofing, for both commercial and domestic clients.  All our jobs are carried out by time served tradesmen and totally guaranteed. Our services include new build projects, refurbishments, repairs and on going maintenance.  Our experienced team have worked on all types of roofs across Wirral and Wallasey giving a first class service. Most of our work is gained via word and mouth from existsing happy customers.   Call 07985 791 080      

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Wirral Roofing contractors.  Recently one of our existing roofing customers from Wallasey Wirral asked us to deal with a roofing problem, the roof was a 100 ft flat roof the leak was causing damage to the inside of the building. The option of fitting a new flat roof was not viable because of the cost with it being such a large roof.  We discussed the problem with our customer and we both decided that making alterations to the fall on the roof was the best way of solving the problem and build up the roof  layers of felt.   to add strenth to the job we applied 4mm thickness high quality felt. to complete the job we finished the roof off with a  reflective  aluminium coating which protects the roof from hot sunlight. The property owner now has a  completely water tight roof  along with a ten year guarantee. such dilemas are common place, we enjoy a challenge and relish in addressing new hurdles Call us now to resolve all your roofing issues 07985 791 080

Replacement roofing contractor wirral roof repairs

Replacement roofing contractor wirral roof repairs,  There are many choices to be made when having a new roof or a repair to a existing roof.  The fist choice is too decide on a suitable roofing contractor it is important the job is done correctly and on time the job is gauranteed and all work undertaken by qualified time served roofers.   All our work is done to industry standards by time served local roofers .  The next decision is cost, people often cut corners go for the cheapest price, of course there is a saying you only get what you pay for, so cheapest is often a inferior job cheapest materials unqualified workers. We are not always the cheapest but we are very competetive , for a roof repair or a reroof it is a time consuming job it cant be rushed if  it is done right.  The materials used the colour orf the tiles, colour of the cement on the pointing this all needs to be thought about, when we arrive at your property we will advise on all aspects of the materials used, however we only use the best for all our roofing work, our time served  roofers would not be willing to work with inferior materials. this reflects the fact that our team take pride in there work and produce the best results on the Wirral .    All our employees are local Wirral or Wallaesy born and bred, this is also a helpfull fact that because living locally our workers are involved with the local community and they want to gain a reputation as craftsmen and the best roofers on Wirral.  therefore you will always get the best possible roof repair […]

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Recommended roofing contractor wirral,   We have been approached recently,  by a local property developer to quote on any new  replacement roofs and roof repairs .  The owner of the property company wanted a Wirral based roofing contractor employing skilled roofers  to under go repairs to his property portfolio, the repairs would be on all manner of roofs both flat and tiled.  Our company had been recommended to him by one of our previous customers.  We were able to gaurantee our work and provide  the addresses of  jobs we had undertaken,  so he could view our work.  As quality roofers it is important for our business that we gain work through recommendation, meaning every roofing repair or re-roof needs to be finished to the highest standards. We are confident that once we have worked on your home or property, you will be more than willing to recommend our roofing company Call us now 07774 200 947    

Roofing maintenance Wirral. local roofing contractor Wirral

Roofing maintenance Wirral. local roofing contractor Wirral.  We undertake all roofing maintenance repairs and replacement roofs. on most occasions a leaking roof can easily be fixed and reroofing is not needed . As a local roofing contractor we carry out routine maintenance and repairs on all types of roofing., both commercial and domestic using all tyoes of roofing materials, slates tiles built up felt and full replacement guttering and down spouts   Call now 07985 791 080

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Flat felt roofing roof Wirral, Wirral felt roofing repairs contractor We operate in all roofing fields domestic and commercial one of the main types of roofing repair is built up felt flat roofing, We will be pleased to quote on any flat roofing jobs . flat felt roofing can be on garages,  dormers, sheds , extensions or any out buildings.  Flat roofing can be a long lasting providing it is applied correctly. Just lately because of the recent adverse weather, hot cold ice, we have lots of enquiries for repairs and leaks.  Our flat roofing repairs are suitable for all types of applications garages, extensions, etc Shed roof felting Garage flat roofing Extensions with flay roofs Call Now o7985 791 080

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Re Roof Wirral roofing contractor Wirral birkenhead.  Just recently it has been rather busy with the adverse weather.  the snow ice and rain have caused lots of problems for local wirral residents .  We have still been able to complete jibs on time due to the  fact we are local. One recent customer we were called to see told our roofer his mother had used our services many years ago and had recommended our services, he kindly pointed out his mothers roof  was repaired by us and had lasted till this day.   Call us now on 07985  791 080     I

Roofing Contractor Wirral, Wirral roofing contractor

Roofing Contractor Wirral, Wirral roofing contractor. As Wirrals premier roofing contractor, we are able to tackle jobs lasrge and small. Over the years we have completed many, many houses bungalows and commercial roofing jobs through out Wirral. All our roofing work is fully guaranteed, As a roofing contractor on Wirral we have worked along side builders, landlords and property developers. Call us now on 07985 791 080