Roofing maintenance Wirral. local roofing contractor Wirral

Roofing maintenance Wirral. local roofing contractor Wirral.  We undertake all roofing maintenance repairs and replacement roofs. on most occasions a leaking roof can easily be fixed and reroofing is not needed . As a local roofing contractor we carry out routine maintenance and repairs on all types of roofing., both commercial and domestic using all tyoes of roofing materials, slates tiles built up felt and full replacement guttering and down spouts   Call now 07985 791 080

Roofing surveys Wirral Roof Maintenance Wirral

Roofing serveys Wirral Roof Maintenance Wirral.  We regularly inspect roofs as part of our services. We undertake roofing surveys for builders architects etc.  Often When buying or selling a property a client will require a roof survey for mortgage reasons either because there is a problem with the roof   for piece of mind.  Your roof is the most important part of your property neglecting the roof is asking for trouble.  A roofing survey will cover the general condition of your roof tiles roofing felt ridge tiles etc We will even look at the condittion of the wood work in your loft if required, we will analyse the condittion of  the nails. Once the roof has been surveyed we will complete a full report detailing any problems and the correct remedy for repairs to the roof. Call 07985 791 080