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Roof painting Wirral.  In the long term painting your roof is a false economy, it is much wiser to have a total re roof  rather than try to botch up a old and tired roof.   Painting a roof is a temporary fix to make a roof look new it will not solve the problems that occur with a broken or old roof . painting a roof  in reality is a waste of money, the money could be used to re roof the property and have a proper job completed that will last years. Call now 07985 791 080

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Roofers Wirral.  There is no substitution for a re roof ,  These days it seems to be fashionable to paint the existing tiles on roofs cleaning the old roof and painting it is just a false economy.  In a few years the paint will peel and look even worse a roof with slipped tiles is normally needing a total re roof  pretty soon so why waste money painting it.  Once the roof has been painted  it might look nice for a while but what happens if a tile breaks slips how can you re match th colour.   It just makes more sense to have it re roofed.   for the cost of having a roof painted it is wiser to just replace the roof an dprobably the cost will be around the same. Call now for a free estimate on all roofing work 07985 791 080