Roof ridge tile repairs Wirral Wallasey

Roof ridge tile Replacement Wirral. Ridge tile repairs are the most common roofing problems, the ridge tiles normally are the first thing to show faults when a roof is needing to be re roofed, The ridge tiles start too slip and move especially if the mortar starts to dislodge and break down. Replacement ridge tiles are available in all shapes and sizes, We can always match old or broken tiles. Call us now on 07985 791 080

Slipped roof tile repair wirral Wallasey

Slipped roof tile repair Wirral Wallasey.  With the recent bad weather we have witnessed lots or roofs with slipped or broken roofing tiles. High winds and dense rain has caused the increase in demand for our services as professional roofers.  when a roofing tile slides down a roof it can dislodge other tiles on the way down damaging them. Most roofs with slipped tiles can be easily repaired by simply puuting the tiles back into position and re affixing them with new nails.  The other cause of tiles moving is that the roofing batons are decaying and the nails holding the slates become loose. . Call us now for all slipped roofing tile repairs 07985 791 080

Roof tile repair Wirral Wallasey

Roof tile repair Wirral, Slipped or broken ridge tiles are normally a problem due to nail rot and the fact that due to age the ridge tiles are attached using mild steel nails over time the nails corode and rot away . once roofing tiles start to dislodge due to nail rot then it becomes an on going problem, the tile that has slipped can normally be repositioned and re nailed into place, however generally the condition of the rest of the nails are probably in similiar condition so they will start to fall.  A roof with nail rot is potentially dangerous due to falling tiles and slates. Many Wirral propeties both comercial and domestic suffer nail rot The truth is even thou a few slates or tiles may have slipped the rest of the roof could be ok and may not need replacing for many years, the only way to find out is for us to climb up and inspect the roof, if the rest of the roof is ok then we can repair the missing slates or tiles. On the occasions when a new roof is required we will be pleased to quote on a complete re roof .  The easiest way is give your local Wirral roofer a call and we will attend to any roofing needs. 07985 791 080

roof ridge tile repairs Wirral Wallasey

roof ridge tile repairs. The roof ridge tiles are located normally on the top of the roof often the tiles become loose because of adverse weather conditions. The mortar breaks down over the years and the roofing tiles become loose and unsafe.  replacing the roofing ridge tiles is a simple job for a experienced roofer. They can be replaced or re fitted using fresh cement, it is even posssible to colour code the mortar to match existing brick work and pointing.  The alternative is a modern dry verge system this new system of attaching the ridge tiles is used on virtually all new roofs .  The dry ridge system is simple it uses no mortar to fix the tile, the tile is screwed too the woodwork below.  Once the tile has been fitted it is totally maintance free. Call us now loose roof ridge tiles can be dangerous if they fall from your roof.  Ridge tiles sliding down your roof when they become loose can also damage the rest of your roof causing more expense. 07985 791 080

Roofing ridge tile repairs Wirral roof repairs new ridge tiles

Roofing ridge tile repairs Wirral roof repairs .  The ridge tiles on a roof  can often become loose due to the cement or mortar breaking down or falling.  Loose ridge tiles can be very dangerous if they fall from your roof and as part of your roof  they keep it is important to make sure they are secure.  As part of our roofing services on wirral we are  regularly approached to repair and replace roofing ridge tiles. Ridge tiles come in all shapes and sizes we can normally match new tiles with old ones so your roof stays looking good. Call us now on 07985 791 080