pagebanner_cleaningWirral’s premier local roofing contractor, we undertake all domestic and commercial roofing throughout wirral. Our roofers are all local professionally trained time served craftsmen. We offer the highest quality service on the Wirral. We have specialist roofers in all aspects of roof repair work, roof replacement, re-roofs, flat roofing, guttering repairs, chimney stack pointing and chimneys removal, rendering of chimney stacks,  lead flashing repairs on any roof application, full roof replacements for all types of roofing. Our services also include small roof repairs to tiled, slate and flat roofs, general repairs to loose ridge tiles. Regularly we complete large and major roof repairs to slate and tiled roofs across the wirral on a variety of different properties, houses, factories and commercial buildings. We offer total solutions to any roofing problems throughout the Wirral area.

Are company also offers a emergency roofing service, we will attend any repair as quickly as possible.
A Full re-roof on a tiled or slate roof consists of the removal of old roofing materials,  Including roofing tiles/slates roofing felt, roofing batons, old lead work and the removal of any rotten or decaying woodwork. Once the roof is completely stripped of all existing roofing matter. We will  work to replace the roof with all new roofing products. Our first job will be to replace any damaged or rotten timber. Renew the roofing batons with new treated and tanalised
batons. (All replacement timber should be treated). All new roofing batons will be attached with specialist  galvanised roofing clout nails to ensure longevity.
We will give a free no obligation quote on all re-roof applications or roofing repairs.
A small or large roofing problem such as a leak, slipped or broken tiles, loose ridge tiles, damaged lead work around chimneys can all easily be repaired and inevitably save money if attended to and repaired quickly. A leaking roof if left can cause damage to woodwork and decor within a property thus making things worse.
Slipped and broken tiles or slates can be re-placed or re positioned. We can usually replace tiles with new matching tiles or slates. Loose ridge tiles are often due to the mortar or cement breaking down over the years. They can be re-attached using new and fresh cement. Any loose tile / slate / or ridge tile can be extremely dangerous if loose and need to be repaired fast.
Most roofing leaks we attend within Wirral are due to the lead flashing around the chimney stack becoming loose and tired. Lead flashing is replaced with new lead and re-cemented in.
Another common roofing problem is lead valley leaks, needing replacement. This can usually
be rectified easily providing the problem is attended to early.
Flat roofing on garages, dormers, extensions and properties with flat roofs are repaired and re-roofed, firstly by the removal of existing roofing materials and replaced with new Roofing felt, bitumen and any new woodwork and trim if needed.
Chimney stack pointing and rendering repair work is often a priority. A chimney stack in need of pointing or rendering can be dangerous as it could fall down due to the high winds we get around the Wirral peninsula. We remove all loose and existing mortar and cement and re point with new cement, we can also colour code the cement with a dye to match any existing brick work or mortar.
As part of our service as roofers, we do lots of work on chimneys, lots of Wirral homes are Pebble dashed the pebble dashing begins to deteriorate causing the pebbles to fall off making the chimney unsightly.   Addressing pebble dashing to chimneys and brick work is a part of our regular work. Due to modern heating chimneys often become unused or unwanted as they may become unsafe or unsightly . We regularly remove Chimney stacks and chimney pots to make them safe. Removal of a chimney stack or pot is a dangerous business and as experts in roofing
We remove chimneys using all the latest safety equipment.
All our materials are sourced locally from local Wirral roofing suppliers. We have a good relationship with local roofing suppliers and Wirral builders merchants. Our local suppliers are always able to accommodate our customers and our requests delivering materials on time and sourcing any odd shapes different coloured products etc.
Upon completion of our work all rubbish is removed via skip. We pride ourselves on the fact that when we leave at the end of a job our clients and customers are totally satisfied with both the quality of the job, the politeness of our staff and the way we have thoroughly cleaned up leaving no mess.
The majority of our work is through recommendation, due to the neatness and diligent workmanship of our roofers. We regularly work for building contractors on all sorts of Wirral roofing projects. Over the years we have built up a excellent reputation with local Wirral building contractors.
All Our roofing work is guaranteed. unlike most roofing companies we guarantee all our roofing work, materials and labour.
All our roofers attend courses on the latest roofing techniques and how to use any new roofing materials.  Recently members of our roofing team went on a training day for flat roofing. Although all our workers are time served and experienced we always catch up on any new methods.  Flat roofing materials change and improve constantly our clients appreciate that we are able to advise on all new products and means of  accomplishing a unparalleled first class job.
 Health and safety is of the most importance during a roofing job and as your roofing contractor we always adhere to health and safety laws. All jobs are done in accordance with health and safety using scaffold were required and any other special equipment needed.
 We will give a free no obligation qoute on all re-roof applications and roof repairs
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