Wirral roofing roofers Wirral,  We recently completed a flat re roofing job  in wallasey wirral.  The old roof was un repairable as it had lifted away and had also broken away from brick work it  had been adhered too.   We had the building completely scaffolded in accordance with current health and safety laws thus giving our time served roofers full access right around the building.  Correct scaffolding helps us to provide a better job as it is easier to operate and work on awkward places.  Once the safety scaffolding was in place , we totally removed the old roofing felt and all of the timbers below.  The wood work below was full of   rot  and needed to be replaced.  We then set about renewing all of the wood work then the roofing felt making good all joints and seams. The job needed to be steeper with more of a fall so as the rain water flowed off the roof more quickly we did this by building the roof up more on one side.

As usual our client was impressed with our work force, the speed the job was done and the neatness and the way we removed all the waste at the end of the job

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