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Wirral Roofing contractors.  Recently one of our existing roofing customers from Wallasey Wirral asked us to deal with a roofing problem, the roof was a 100 ft flat roof the leak was causing damage to the inside of the building. The option of fitting a new flat roof was not viable because of the cost with it being such a large roof.  We discussed the problem with our customer and we both decided that making alterations to the fall on the roof was the best way of solving the problem and build up the roof  layers of felt.   to add strenth to the job we applied 4mm thickness high quality felt. to complete the job we finished the roof off with a  reflective  aluminium coating which protects the roof from hot sunlight. The property owner now has a  completely water tight roof  along with a ten year guarantee. such dilemas are common place, we enjoy a challenge and relish in addressing new hurdles Call us now to resolve all your roofing issues 07985 791 080

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Emergency flat roof repairs wirral flat roof repairs wirral flat roofing services wirral flat roof  leaking flat roof repairs wirral flat roofing contractors wirral.   Call us now to remedy all flat roofing problems .  The diverse range of properties around wirral offer all  aspects of flat roofing problems . We enjoy a challenge and our time served roofer are able to repair or renew all flat roof applications. For a free estimate on all roofing work call us now  07985 791 080  

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Wirral’s premier local roofing contractor, we undertake all domestic and commercial roofing throughout wirral. Our roofers are all local professionally trained time served craftsmen. We offer the highest quality service on the Wirral. We have specialist roofers in all aspects of roof repair work, roof replacement, re-roofs, flat roofing, guttering repairs, chimney stack pointing and chimneys removal, rendering of chimney stacks,  lead flashing repairs on any roof application, full roof replacements for all types of roofing. Our services also include small roof repairs to tiled, slate and flat roofs, general repairs to loose ridge tiles. Regularly we complete large and major roof repairs to slate and tiled roofs across the wirral on a variety of different properties, houses, factories and commercial buildings. We offer total solutions to any roofing problems throughout the Wirral area. Are company also offers a emergency roofing service, we will attend any repair as quickly as possible. A Full re-roof on a tiled or slate roof consists of the removal of old roofing materials,  Including roofing tiles/slates roofing felt, roofing batons, old lead work and the removal of any rotten or decaying woodwork. Once the roof is completely stripped of all existing roofing matter. We will  work to replace the roof with all new roofing products. Our first job will be to replace any damaged or rotten timber. Renew the roofing batons with new treated and tanalised batons. (All replacement timber should be treated). All new roofing batons will be attached with specialist  galvanised roofing clout nails to ensure longevity. We will give a free no obligation quote on all re-roof applications or roofing repairs. A small or large roofing problem such as a leak, slipped or broken tiles, loose ridge tiles, damaged […]

Roofing repairs Wirral roofers wirral

Roofing repairs Wirral

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Local Flat Roofer Wirral,  It is important too use a local flat roofer from wirral. Once you have called us your local flat roofer we will be able to give you a free quote on any roofing needs.  As your local flat roofer on Wirral we will give you the addresses of local customers and local roofing work we have completed near you or around Wirral.  We only employ local Wirral roofers and tradesmen, all our materials are bought locally from Wirral based suppliers. Employ a local Wirral roofing contractor. Call us now  07985 791 080

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Garage flat roof repairs, garage roof replaced Wirral, new Garage roof.  We recently replaced a old and leaking Garage roof on on a local Wirral garage .  The owner  of the garage an  elderly gentleman Was distressed that all his belongings were being damage by the leak , water was pouring onto his belongings every time it rained. The leak had been caused be the recent bad weatherincluding ice  . Once ice gets into any small crack on a flat roof it expands and causes damage.  We completely stripped the garage flat roof off  and replaced it within days, It was important to ensure the roof was made water tight quickly so as nit to damage property within the garage .  We made sure there was the correct pitch on the roof  so any rain water would run off quickly. Another part of our job on all Garage flat roof repairs and relplaced roofs is making sure there is no cracksor  anywhere  for water to gather.  at the end of the job  all the rubbish was removed using skips. Our customer commented on our workmanship and the manner and politeness of our roofers,   Call now 07985 791 080

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roofing companies wirral,  You need a roofing company you can trust, we undertake all aspects of roofing . All  new roofing applications tiling, slating, flat roofing over the years we have completed many domestic and commercial applications. In order to give you piece of mind we have lists of customer old and new. Using a reputable roofing company is important, it is important the work is carried out to the highest standard and also meets building regulations and requirements. As Wirrals premier roofing company look no further we are the leaders in roofing companies on Wirral   Call us now 07985 791 080

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Roofing Contractor Wirral, Wirral roofing contractor. As Wirrals premier roofing contractor, we are able to tackle jobs lasrge and small. Over the years we have completed many, many houses bungalows and commercial roofing jobs through out Wirral. All our roofing work is fully guaranteed, As a roofing contractor on Wirral we have worked along side builders, landlords and property developers. Call us now on 07985 791 080

Happy New Year

As we say goodbye to 2012 and a big hello to 2013 all the team a Bebington Roofing Wirral would like to thank our customers for the work you have given us over the last 12 months. We look forward to seeing you all over the course of the new year and hope you all had a very merry Christmas. From all the Bebington Roofing Team