Flat roof replacement Wirral New flat roof Wirral.   Do you have a leaking flat roof. We are experts in Flat roofing,  wether it is a garage roof , porch extension or dormer roof  we are experts.  On A flat roof it is important the job is done quickly but correctly.  Every week we tackle flat foofs of all sizes, both comercial and private.    When a leak begins on a flat roof  it will quickly develop into something much worse, destroying ceilings and decoration so it is advised to act fast.

On  most flat roofs if the laek is addressed sooner rather than later then normally any timbers below can be saved , if the leak is left for weeks or months then timbers can be damaged.

We can do a full roof replkacement or often than not just a simple repair.

For all flat roof replacements on Wirral or a new flat roof replacement

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