Garage flat roof repairs, garage roof replaced Wirral, new Garage roof.  We recently replaced a old and leaking Garage roof on on a local Wirral garage .  The owner  of the garage an  elderly gentleman Was distressed that all his belongings were being damage by the leak , water was pouring onto his belongings every time it rained.

The leak had been caused be the recent bad weatherincluding ice  . Once ice gets into any small crack on a flat roof it expands and causes damage.  We completely stripped the garage flat roof off  and replaced it within days, It was important to ensure the roof was made water tight quickly so as nit to damage property within the garage .  We made sure there was the correct pitch on the roof  so any rain water would run off quickly. Another part of our job on all Garage flat roof repairs and relplaced roofs is making sure there is no cracksor  anywhere  for water to gather.  at the end of the job  all the rubbish was removed using skips.

Our customer commented on our workmanship and the manner and politeness of our roofers,


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