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Chimney pointing Wirral,   As part of our job as a roofing company we will take on even the smallest jobs like the pointing of a chimney stack. the cement that holds the chimney together often falls after many years . We remove all of the old cement and replace it neatly with new mortar, once the chimney has been re pointed we an also re new the fixing cement around any existing chimney pots . Call us now 07985 791 080

Chimney stack repairs Wirral pointing rendering Wirral Chimney stack removal roofing contractors

Chimney stack repairs Wirral, pointing rendering Wirral, Chimney stack removal.  The mortar that holds chimney a chimney stack together will often break down over time, once the mortar or cement breaks down a chimney can become dangerous.  Chimneys have been known to fall down and gone completely through the roof damaging the roof and property.  Too repair a damaged chimney stack is a easy repair for our trained roofers.  Fistly we would remove all loose or broken mortar or cement and replace it with new mortar.  As a special service if  needed we can colour the cement to match existing mortar. Rendering on a chimney is also easily repaired we would remove all old and loose render then make new with fresh cement , if required we will if asked repaint any chimney after it has been rendered to match any existing render on the property. A pebble dashed chimney orks exactly the same as a rendered chimney , however we will re pebble dash the chimney back to its original colour   Call us now 07774 200 947

Chimney Stack Repair and roofing repairs wirral

Chimney Stack Repair and roofing repairs wirral. Often chimney stacks can be in need of repair sometimes even unsafe. As Wirrals premier roofing company we can carry out all repairs on chimney stacks.  Chimney stacks are unused some times because of modern heating so people as want them to be removed , we regularly remove and take down unsafe chimney stacks. all work si gauranteed. Call now 07985 791  080