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Roofer on Wirral Wallasey,   Wirral,  Wallasey we cover all areas of the peninsular offering all roofing services , all out roofing work is guaranteed, we offer emergency roofing during all weather conditions.   A roof that is repaired correctly will last many years giving the whole of the roof an extended life . Call now for all roofing applications 0151 645 5555 /  07985 791 080

Roofers On Wirral Wallasey Bebington

Roofers On Wirral Wallasey bebington ,  We have worked in all parts of the wirral and have successfully gained the confidence of lots of property owners through out the Wirral , we recently completed repairs to a property in Bebington on the Wirral the job was needed because the roof had major damage due to adverse wind conditions during a recent storm. Call Us now we are your local roofers on the Wirral 0151 645 5555  /   07985 791 080 l

Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey

Re-roof price and cost Wirral Wallasey,  Often the price of a re-roof is a lot cheaper than most home owners  expect,  We regularly arrive to look at jobs were customer are asking for a price to repair a failed or leaking roof, during these visits we will most often be able to complete a simple repair at low cost, however we will always advise client as to the state of there roof and will give a price for a new roof . Once most people knowing there roof has limited life left in it and they have gotten a reasonable quote listing the work to be done then client usually decide to save time and money and opt for a re-roof price   Call now 0151 645 5555 / 07985 791 080

Roofers on Wirral Wallasey

Roofers on Wirral. There are lots of roofers on Wirral and Wallasey , so how do you choose and trust the right one .  As you local roofing expert we willingly allow any new customers access and addresses,  so that they can go and view any of  our work talk to our customers. Call your local Wirral Wallasey roofer, on 07985 791 080

Roofing company Wirral Wallasey

Roofing company Wirral Wallasey.  We are known throughout  Wirral and Wallasey as the most reliable roofing company on Merseyside

Wirral Wallasey Roofing Contractor

Wirral Roofing contractors.  Recently one of our existing roofing customers from Wallasey Wirral asked us to deal with a roofing problem, the roof was a 100 ft flat roof the leak was causing damage to the inside of the building. The option of fitting a new flat roof was not viable because of the cost with it being such a large roof.  We discussed the problem with our customer and we both decided that making alterations to the fall on the roof was the best way of solving the problem and build up the roof  layers of felt.   to add strenth to the job we applied 4mm thickness high quality felt. to complete the job we finished the roof off with a  reflective  aluminium coating which protects the roof from hot sunlight. The property owner now has a  completely water tight roof  along with a ten year guarantee. such dilemas are common place, we enjoy a challenge and relish in addressing new hurdles Call us now to resolve all your roofing issues 07985 791 080

New roof cost re-roof Wirral Wallasey

New roof Wirral Wallasey.  Roof repair new re roof. Often it is not always the case that a property requires a new roof just because it has a leak.  Leaks can appear for all sorts of reasons tiles out of place, broken ridges tiles,  lead breaking away from around chimney stacks and rain water seeping in between the lead and the bricks .   Most roofing leaks can be easily repaired , however if need be we can give a competetive quote on any roofing replacment. Call us now on 07774 200 947

Asbestos roof removal Wirral Wallasey

Asbestos roof removal wirral.  Asbestos roofing materials are needed to be removed by specialists.  We have specialists in place to take care of all asbestos roof removal. lots of Wiiral properties have asbestos roofs on main building or garages and extensions.  Asbestos should be removed under strict health and safety guide lines it has to be disposed of correctly be registered technicians .   Once a asbestos roof has been removed we can replace it in modern fibre board   galvanised steel roofing sheets or any other roofing material.  It is important that the removal is done legally as the responsibility is is on the person that removes the asbestos and the property owner too abide by the law establishing the waste is disposed of and eliminated correctly. For all roofing needs call 07985 791 080

Roof ridge tile repairs Wirral Wallasey

Roof ridge tile Replacement Wirral. Ridge tile repairs are the most common roofing problems, the ridge tiles normally are the first thing to show faults when a roof is needing to be re roofed, The ridge tiles start too slip and move especially if the mortar starts to dislodge and break down. Replacement ridge tiles are available in all shapes and sizes, We can always match old or broken tiles. Call us now on 07985 791 080

Slipped roof tile repair wirral Wallasey

Slipped roof tile repair Wirral Wallasey.  With the recent bad weather we have witnessed lots or roofs with slipped or broken roofing tiles. High winds and dense rain has caused the increase in demand for our services as professional roofers.  when a roofing tile slides down a roof it can dislodge other tiles on the way down damaging them. Most roofs with slipped tiles can be easily repaired by simply puuting the tiles back into position and re affixing them with new nails.  The other cause of tiles moving is that the roofing batons are decaying and the nails holding the slates become loose. . Call us now for all slipped roofing tile repairs 07985 791 080