Wirral Roofing contractors.  Recently one of our existing roofing customers from Wallasey Wirral asked us to deal with a roofing problem, the roof was a 100 ft flat roof the leak was causing damage to the inside of the building. The option of fitting a new flat roof was not viable because of the cost with it being such a large roof.  We discussed the problem with our customer and we both decided that making alterations to the fall on the roof was the best way of solving the problem and build up the roof  layers of felt.   to add strenth to the job we applied 4mm thickness high quality felt. to complete the job we finished the roof off with a  reflective  aluminium coating which protects the roof from hot sunlight. The property owner now has a  completely water tight roof  along with a ten year guarantee. such dilemas are common place, we enjoy a challenge and relish in addressing new hurdles

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